Memory Weaver Photography    
Preserving memories of who you are, not just what you look like!
Welcome to Memory Weaver Photography!
Hi! I'm Martha Weaver of Memory Weaver Photography!

I specialize in preserving the memories of who you are today with fine portraits. I especially love photographing children and families.  Just think how much fun it will be to show these precious photographic memories to your grandchildren so they can know who their Daddy or Mommy was when they were little kids! What did Mommy like to play with? What was Daddy's favorite toy? What kind of pets did they have? Such important memories to preserve!

We do this by creating portraits in your natural setting where your fondest memories are — your home, boat, or another favorite place. These memories will then tell your future generations just who you are today — not just what you look like!

Please contact me, and we'll get together and plan how we can preserve those memories for your future generations!

I am located in the Houston, Texas area, but am willing to travel to a location of your choosing.
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